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Therapeutic Skincare Solutions

 Therapeutic Skincare Solutions



"A year ago my face was an absolute nightmare due to a hormonal disorder and it seemed like nothing was working or ever would until I found you guys on Groupon :). It wasn't just the derma sweep or the face products you recommended but the way you were so honest and informative about them as well as recommending ...simple homeopathic alternatives (coconut oil and apple cider vinegar live permanently in my daily face routine). It was obvious to me that you genuinely care about your clients, and that was so refreshing after a terrible experience I had elsewhere. I wish I still lived in California so I could continue to come in for treatments! I still have scarring but active breakouts are so few and far between and the cystic acne has disappeared seemingly for good. Thank you so much for everything you did for me!"
Rebecca Markey

They are the best Estheticians in Saratoga, CA.  This nucell is great, it cleared my skin up and made it look amazing.  Remember if you're around the Bay Area to make a trip to see my girls Shiray Bramer and Shirley Rossi.
Vincenzo Isoldi   -Reality TV Star 'Godfather of Pittsburgh'

I started using the NuGene Universal Serum and the NuGene Eye Serum about 8 weeks ago. The results I've noticed after using the two products after 2-3 weeks were more hydration on my eye area and face, less wrinkles on my face and eyes (they're almost 100% gone), dark circles under eyes diminished, smoother, healthier and brighter looking skin, and a nice little lift in my jowls!!!  These results get better every time you use them. I've never seen such an amazing change in my skin with any other products, and I have tried several in the past 10 years. I feel more confident, attractive, look healthier and younger and I'm happier. I actually like putting on my makeup (liquid foundation, blush and powder) because now I don't have to deal with dry patchy skin that always emphasized my wrinkles. These products hydrate all over your face, neck and eye areas.  My makeup looks more natural and even. I now like putting on my makeup because I know my skin will look great, even after less than 4 hours of sleep!!! I'm a teacher and feel more confident talking to parents and my coworkers now. After 3 weeks of using this product several of my coworkers and parents were saying that I was looking great, younger and healthier.  I told them about the NuGene products I was using and they became very interested. I was looking at recent pictures my mom took with the rest of my family and I couldn't believe it but I could see a difference in my skin in pictures too. I was like wow, I look younger in pictures compared to before.  I was very excited to see that indeed. After having all these amazing results from these two products I wanted to try the Universal Cream too. To be honest I didn't think I could look any better or younger but this product adds even more hydration, stem cells, collagen, more diminished puffiness and dark circles!! I absolutely love and I'm addicted to these products!!!!! They're worth every penny and much cheaper than all fillers out there. I just purchased the NuGene NuLight light and bright gel, and the NuGene NuCleanse face wash and definitely look forward to even more amazing results!!  They offer free shipping so that's a bonus! I'm almost 39 years old, but I don't look it anymore!
Suzi Bratcher  -School Teacher