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Therapeutic Skincare Solutions

 Therapeutic Skincare Solutions



The Fountain of Youth


Our clients now have a second chance in having healthy and youthful skin, due to the power of Human Growth Factors and Stem Cells.  NuGene Universal Serum contains adipose derived stem cells that produce HGF (Human Growth Factors).  Adipose-derived stem cells, also known as "fat cells" are cultured in a sterile and controlled environment to grow biological active nutrients, such as proteins, cytokines, and growth factors.  Growth factors are lost during your skin's aging process and are needed to create new cells that will reproduce your own collagen, strengthen elastin, repair sun damage, treat pigmentation, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

  NuGene's advanced stem cell line is a permanent and safe fix to providing youthful beauty.

NuGene's Universal Serum treats:

Crow's Feet

Vertical Lip Lines
Wrinkles/Fine Lines
Age Spots
All Skin Types/Conditions

4 Weeks

   Left Side: Not treated    Right Side: Universal Serum

12 Weeks

   Left Side: Not treated    Right Side: Treated

8 Weeks

Left Side: Not treated   Right Side: Universal Serum

1 year transformation of our "Split Face Study"