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The "Split-Face" Test

Clinical Esthetician, Joan Gonzalez has been doing a clinical test on NuGene's NuCell Universal Serum.  Joan has been applying NuGene's NuCell Universal Serum on one side of her face, can you tell which side of Joan's face is being treated? 

New Skin, NuCells, New You

 NuCell DermaSweep Facial

Our new Premium-Infusion treatment by DermaSweep, NuCell is a unique mix of ingredients that are unlike anything your skin has experienced before.  NuCell is a proprietary blend of growth factors, proteins and cytokines, the building blocks your cells need to reproduce new and healthy skin.  This scientific breakthrough has made it possible for your skin to create new collagen, strengthen elastin, and repair sun damage, such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Years of scientific research has finally paid off.

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